• Parents you are responsible for you child/Children to be at training each week.
• Please inform your coach if you are unable to attend training.
• Wear footwear to training that you wear to games.
• If it is raining or over 32 degrees on training day, please ring Carolyn or Cath or check the website for an announcement.


• You must ring your coach if you are unavailable to play, please do not expect other people to pass on the message.
• Hair is to be tied back and jewellery to be left at home.
• Nails are to be cut short
• Check your fixture for times, holidays and byes- each week.
• Bring a drink to the game.
• If you have any concerns/questions please speak directly to the coach or Carolyn and Cath.

• You are to arrive 30 minutes prior to the match to warm up.
• You are to cool down after a match.
• Players arriving late for games will not take the court for the 1st quarter.
• Parents are not to call out instructions to the players, encouragement only please. Remember this can be very confusing to young children, when everyone but the coach is calling out instructions. Let the children enjoy themselves and let them see wining is a bonus not a must.

Wet Weather: If it is raining on match day and you play outside, please ring the wet weather line at Royal Park on 8379 4266, please do not call your coach as they will not know.

Managers: A manager will be required for each team. If you would like to help out please inform us. Manager’s duties are listed below:

• Collect score sheet, ball & patches and bring them to the coach.
• Organize a parent to score each week. Do a roster and give a copy to each parent.
• Distribute any notes to the team.